30 Days for Life, Adoption & More: Twenty-Two Things That Caught my Eye Today -- September 23, 2020

1. 40 Days for Life begins today

Pray for the end to abortion and for healing and conversions from wherever you are.

2. Frank Rocca in the WSJ: Vatican Pushes Against Growing Acceptance of Euthanasia 

The document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is here.

3. Loneliness During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Institute for Family Studies

5. Charlie Camosy: Is Judge Barrett’s ‘kingdom of God’ different from Obama’s?


7. Pope Francis blesses bell that will ring out in defense of unborn


9. Dan Darling: Christians Were Built for This Moment

10. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput: God Never Loses

11. Fr. James Bradley: Say What You Mean; Mean What You Pray 

12. Dan Mahoney reviewing Rod Dreher’s new book — Affirming Reality by Rejecting the Lie

13. John Tierney: The Moral Case for Reopening Schools—Without Masks 

14. Changing women’s lives in prison

15. Podcast on race and transracial adoption with my friends Naomi Riley and Malka Groden, and AEI’s Ian Rowe

16. An adoption announcement:

17. John J. Miller: An American president’s heretical Bible

18. I haven’t listened to this yet, but am very curious:

19. Terry Teachout in the WSJ: An Art Museum Sells Its Soul

20. Fr. Roger Landry: Living the Gospel in Truth and Spiritual Poverty

21. 12 Powerful quotes from Padre Pio you need in your life today

22. Patricia Heaton warns Christian followers about an ‘onslaught’ of ignorance as Supreme Court debate looms 


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