A Reasoned Response to a Vicious Screed Against Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman in 2004. (Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice/Public Domain/via Wikimedia)

The Left wants to smear anyone who ever opposed the idea of putting the state in control of nearly everything. One of the most famous of those opponents was Milton Friedman, who argued strongly for a classical-liberal philosophy of minimal government, the rule of law, individual rights and responsibilities.

It should come as no surprise that Friedman is under attack. A writer named Zachary Carter has penned a truly vicious screed accusing Friedman of the whole panoply of leftist offenses against humanity. He is obviously one of those who would rather be angry than bother to find out if he actually has anything to be angry about.

Writing for AIER, Professor Richard Ebeling throws down the gauntlet to Carter. After a lengthy rebuttal of Carter’s assertions (they don’t rise to the level of arguments), Ebeling concludes:

How very disappointed Mr. Carter will no doubt be, when the policies he espouses end up, once again, having the disastrous effects they have always produced in the past. Then out from the dustbin of history to which he wants to relegate the free market ideas of those like Milton Friedman, they will rise once more from the ashes to explain why the follies and foibles of the collectivist vision has led to nothing but stagnation, corruption, and fewer freedoms. Much to Mr. Carter’s chagrin, it will be Milton Friedman’s ideas on liberty that will be shown to be the far more enduring ones.

I recommend reading the whole essay.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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