Actor Kevin Sorbo and Ted Cruz Just Teamed Up to Do a Number on The Media

It seems like day after day, our media becomes even more of a joke.

At this point does anyone believe a word that comes out of their mouth?


And their latest blunders surrounding the Colorado shooting have their credibility going up in flames, mainly because they are just flat-out refusing to give it coverage.

Because the shooter didn’t fit their narrative of a white male, they’ve chosen to sweep it under the rug and move onto other news.

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But we all know that if the shooter had been caucasian, it would’ve opened a whole new can of worms.

Which is exactly what conservative actor Kevin Sorbo and Ted Cruz are railing against the media for.

Check it out:


They’re completely right.

Ever since it was revealed that the shooter was a member of the Nation of Islam, the media has literally been *crickets* over this.

Usually when a mass shooting takes place, the media runs 24/7  coverage on it for the next 90 days or so, getting every expert from across the globe to weigh in.

But curiously this time there’s been virtually no discussion.

I wonder why that is?

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