Actor Randy Quaid Asks the Ultimate Question

Conservative actor Randy Quaid just made the most definitive comparison between Trump and Biden.

Quaid said point blank in a Twitter post that Biden needs to prove that he can survive COVID-19 like Trump just did.


Of course, most people don’t think Biden has it in him to overcome the virus like Trump did.

After all, the guy can’t even handle a softball interview with a teleprompter, lord knows a virus is out of his league.

“I didn’t think of that!! Could Biden survive?”

“It will eventually find Biden. There is no way to stop it. Covid, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, URI. Something will eventually make its way into his body. We will see how strong he really is.”

“It really does feel like a hold my beer moment ?”

“He cannot and I don’t wish it on him, but he couldn’t survive a real hardball interview either.”

“Joe wouldn’t make it.”

“Yup..I don’t think he’d last.. Not physically, mentally, or through the presidency.”

”He can start by surviving tomorrow.”

Of course, no one is wishing this illness upon him.

But you honestly have to ask yourself: could feeble old Joe handle any kind of unexpected illness?

This man is vying to be president after all, it’s a valid question many should be thinking.


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