Actor Ricky Schroder Shares “Antifa” Death Threats He’s Receiving After he Helped Bail Kyle Rittenhouse From Jail

We’ve known for a long time that the left’s declarations of being “loving” and “tolerant” were always a bunch of hooey.

Especially since Trump’s win in 2016, they’re behavior and rhetoric has gone from bad to worse.


And this can all be tied to the rise of Antifa, which many on the left rarely acknowledge.

Now that Kyle Rittenhouse has been released, the left, namely Antifa has been going absolutely ballistic by raging against anyone who shows the young man any kind of support.

And Rittenhouse’s biggest supporter right now, actor Ricky Schroeder is receiving deadly threats from the left.


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Here’s his post on social media that’s sparking these extreme threats:

Morning from Kyle & his Mom Wendy. In America we are ALL innocent until a jury of peers decides guilt or innocence, not the Mob or Press. When the facts are known, many of you will owe this young man an Apology. Move to PARLER everyone….leave Twitter. Jack Dorsey Sucks!

It’s downright frightening how some of those on the left are threatening Rittenhouse and anyone who dares to defend him.

These truly are scary times.

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