After Her Family Was Murdered, Trump Housed Jennifer Hudson Rent-Free in His Hotel...She Thanked Him by Performing at DNC 

Politics certainly does bring out the worst in a lot of people.

I understand that not everyone supports President Trump – I get that.

But what I don’t get is how people can so easily turn on someone who helped you at your lowest point in life.

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That’s what former American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson did when she performed at the DNC last night.

You may not know this, but back in 2008, after her brother and her mother were murdered.

After that horrific incident, Trump let her and her family stay for free inside Trump Tower in Chicago.

From Chicago Tribune 

After Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew were murdered in Chicago in October 2008, Donald Trump let the star and some of her relatives stay for free at the Trump International Hotel & Tower. “She’s a great girl,” Trump said, according to People magazine. “And we’re protecting them well.

And how did Jennifer repay that kindness?

By performing a song called “A Change is Gonna Come” at the end of last night’s low-rated DNC convention.

What an ingrate. 

From 100 Percent Fed Up

Last night, Hudsons expressed her gratitude to President Trump by singing, “A Change is Gonna Come” at the close of Wednesday night’s DNC convention, in a clear show of support for his often confused and corrupt presidential opponent, Joe Biden.

Hudson’s contribution last night to the Democrat Party, is apparently how she shows her gratitude to a man who had nothing to gain by helping her and her family in their greatest time of need.

By performing on behalf of the Democratic Party, Hudson essentially ignored the millions of Black Americans who’ve benefitted from Trump’s economic policies that have created the lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks in American history. She’s also ignoring the untold number of Black Americans who will be given a second chance at life thanks to President Trump’s historic “First Step Act,” prison reform legislation.

You can watch the video below:

Again, I get it, not everyone supports Trump. This is America and (for now) we still have some freedoms left…but do you really have to go out and sing a song about it? Especially after someone looked after you and took you in, and cared for you after two of your family members were murdered?

Says a lot more about Jennifer than it does about Trump. Actually, it does say a lot about Trump…

He’s a damn good and generous man.


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