After Meghan McCain's Departure, "The View" is Heading in a New, Eye-Popping Direction...

There’s a shakeup happening at “The View,” and the cat ladies could be in some very serious trouble soon.


And by “trouble” I mean, getting hammered, overpowered, and outsmarted by a new cohost on a daily basis.

Daily Mail reports that chaos at The View is ensuing, as the show scrambles to replace Meghan McCain with a ‘Trump Republican’ like Kimberly Guilfoyle or Candace Owens to balance out the panel – leaving Joy Behar moaning she’ll be stuck with someone tougher.

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  • The View is scrambling to hire a conservative co-host to replace Meghan McCain
  • An ABC insider tells that a ‘Trump conservative’ like Kimberly Guilfoyle, Megyn Kelly or even controversial Candace Owens is ideal 
  • Joy Behar has been ‘openly moaning’ about McCain’s exit as it’s ‘finally hit her’ that the replacement could be further right on the political spectrum 
  • The insider says that if ABC was gutsy, they’d do a ‘massive shake up’ and hire someone to ‘give the other women a run for their money’
  • ‘[Kimberly Guilfoyle] would be great as she would literally prosecute the other members of the panel every day of the week,’ the source says
  • There is also mounting tension as guest host Ana Navarro is vying for a permanent seat
  • Speculation that Sara Haines could be making an exit as well, which would leave two more slots to fill 

This would actually be a smart move for The View – they would get a lot more attention if they actually had on a current/real “Republican” who represented the actual biggest faction of the party: MAGA.


But I don’t think the powers-that-be at ABC will want to risk giving a voice to the “Trump movement” on national TV.

I think that’s too risky for them, and they’d likely go a safer route with someone who is more like Meghan – an “establishment/globalist” type rather than an actual America First Republican who will spread Trumpism, and mop the floor up with those dusty cat ladies.

However,  I saw online that people are already conducting polls about this topic…

Take a look:

Out of these choices, who do you think would be best?


I am going with Candace or Kayleigh…I think either one of them would drive the cat ladies bonkers.

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