After Taking The Entire Day Off, Biden Sends Out Bizarre Tweet at 7pm, and Gets Instantly Destroyed 

Joe Biden is running the strangest campaign ever. It’s not just a funny joke that he sits in his basement all day – it’s actually true.

Biden can’t seem to go more than half a day without needing to take a break for a day or two.

Last night, he looked like he was awakened from a dead-slumber in order to read a statement on RBG’s passing.

You can watch the video below:

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He seemed confused, and out of it – what’s new? – and he was unable to read the statement prepared for him without messing up repeatedly.

Then, we heard today that the campaign told reporters at 835am, that Biden would not be making any appearances at all today.

Gee, being a reporter for Biden must be the easiest gig in town, right?

So, when. 700pm rolled around and suddenly a tweet from Joe’s handlers popped up, people were perplexed…especially after they saw what it said:

“We must win.”

We must win, while he sits in his basement all day? We must win, while he does nothing, while President Trump is. busting his butt all over the county?

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Biden to get hammered for the tweet:

“You’re asleep. Who wrote this?”

“When Trump wins, we ALL win.”

“You always lose Joe Iowa rejected you. It’s why you’ve never been and will never be President… Also, the disrespect you have for Black people you can never overcome”

“sounds a little desperate…”

“Joe. Go take a nap. We already have the best President Ever!! TRUMP 2020!!!!”

“You need to focus on winning Bingo…”

“You already lost.”

“President Trump will crush you! Thanks Joes twitter writer!”

Poor old Joe. He was likely sleeping when one of his handlers wrote that tweet.

But it just sounded defeated and desperate.

Much like his campaign.


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