After Watching Today's WH Briefing, Pro-Trump Actor Randy Quaid Has the Perfect Plan For "Treasonous" Press 

There’s so much going on in the country…so much good – starting with Middle East peace, the economy is bouncing back better than experts expected, President Trump’s been nominated for not one–but TWO Nobel Peace Prizes, a COVID vaccine is on the way…etc. etc.

But what does our press want to talk about? Masks and other pointless partisan garbage.

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They’re like children. There’s no professionalism anymore.

Here’s today presser, if you have the stomach to watch it:

The press has thrown aside any and all concern about “appearances,” and they’re now full-blown members of the Biden campaign.

The media is terrified of discussing anything that could be deemed “helpful” to Trump. That’s why they ignored violent riots for 100 days…and look where that got them, right?

So, they’re certainly not going to ask questions about President Trump’s laundry list of successes.

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So, why even have these fake news charlatans there? Honestly, it was better when Trump called these pressers off.

That’s what Randy Quad is suggesting. He says the only loyalty the press has is to China (who wants Joe Biden), so it’s time to ban them from the WH press room.

Here’s what he said: “They’re not interested in Middle East peace, not interested in the President’s 2 Nobel Peace Prize noms; they’re only interested in obediently serving China & lying to the American people. Ban these Fakers from the WH press room for their treason.”

We don’t have a press. We have a progressive propaganda machine. Same with social media. These are people in power who are using their positions to push their agenda and silence any dissenting opinions…yet, we’re the “fascists?”

It’s time we stop giving these shills a platform.

If they can ask questions that give the American people unbiased facts on an array of topics, they can stay, if not, they should go.


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