Airport Authorities Extracted About 2lb of Gold From a Man's Rectum After They Spotted Him "Walking Funny"

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather pay taxes on my “gold bars” than stuff them up my dupa.

But, apparently, that’s not how this one guy decided to play it.


To avoid paying taxes, he placed about two pounds of gold up inside his rectum.

Airport authorities caught him because they noticed he was “walking funny.”

Yeah, I am sure he was…

From New York Post

Indian airport authorities literally struck gold when they spotted a man walking oddly — and discovered he had about 2 pounds in bullion shoved into his rectum, according to a report.

The GoAir passenger arrived from Dubai on Tuesday at Kerala’s Kannur Airport, where he tried to avoid paying an 18 percent tax on his precious nuggets by smuggling them where the sun don’t shine, The National reported.

Officials at the Air Intelligence Unit mined the stash, worth about $60,000, from the unidentified smuggler’s butt, according to the news outlet.

Ya really gotta feel sorry for the airport officials whose job it was to extract that gold, right?

I hope they got a raise.



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