All Honor to Mike Pence

We have an editorial up titled “Mitch McConnell’s Finest Hour” that also makes a nod to the admirable role which Mike Pence played in the proceedings on Wednesday. I want to underline that point because I thought Pence would recuse himself, and I was wrong. As soon as I heard that it was a possibility he’d recuse, I assumed that was what he’d do because the norm in the Trump era has been everyone ducking and covering when possible, and Pence would have more reason to duck and cover in this circumstance than most. Instead, despite getting privately and publicly lobbied and bullied by the president, he insisted on a proper understanding of his constitutional role and dutifully fulfilled it. It was actually moving as he stood and announced the final electoral count in Trump’s and his own defeat — a grace note and honorable act at a time sorely lacking them.

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