All Those Big January 6th "Prosecutions" Have Hit a Snag, Thanks to Two Liberal Judges

I have said on countless occasions that the Dem Party is falling deeper and deeper down the communist sh*thole.


One of the most telltale signs of this comes from how they respond to “law and order.”

See, communists believe that jail is “fascism,” and the only people who truly should be locked up like animals are political dissidents.

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Because in a communist world there is no action more treacherous than not believing in the government’s political philosophy.

To a true commie, rapists, pedos, and murderers can all be rehabilitated and taught not to behave “badly.”


But political dissidents? Well, there’s no rehab for those monsters. It’s the gulag or nothing.

If you understand this basic philosophy, what’s been happening in America will make so much more sense – and it will also show you how close the Dem Party is to being full-blown communists – if they aren’t already there.

And nowhere can you see this unfolding more clearly than with the January 6th melee at the Nation’s Capitol.

The government right now is in full-blown “get the political dissidents mode” when it comes to the January 6th melee. They are treating the folks who were at the Capitol like they’re public enemy #1. Some of those folks are being held without bond.

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It’s insanity.

But the good news is that the fine folks over at “American Thinker” have put together a great piece that reveals the left’s communist plot is unraveling, and it’s thanks in part to an Obama-appointed judge – but not just him. It was a completely bipartisan effort and included a Clinton-appointed judge and a Trump judge who finally said “enough.”

The unraveling happened due to an appeal ruling for a man named Eric Munchel and his mother Lisa Eisenhart, who are being held without bail after the January 6th event.

This case made it to the DC Court of Appeals.

The government is seeking to keep these two “insurrectionists” in a D.C. jail without bail even though they did not participate in any acts of violence.

Likely, this was being done to force them to agree to a plea bargain, so the government could avoid taking these flim-flamy cases to trial, where they’d lose.

Another “strong-arm” tactic by the disgraced feds.

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Here’s more on that case:

These appeals present the question whether Eric Munchel and his mother, Lisa Eisenhart, may be detained pending trial for their participation in the riot at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. The answer to that question does not turn on any generalized, backward-looking assessment of the rioters or the riot, as the district court erroneously suggested. Instead, it turns on a specific, forward- looking assessment of whether Munchel and Eisenhart as individuals currently pose an unmitigable threat to public safety. My colleagues and I agree on this critical point about the governing legal standard in these appeals.

The bipartisan group of judges ruled in favor of Munchel and his mother and thus, it’s created a “ripple effect” where other cases are now being looked at with the same lens.

In other words, a precedent has been set…and it’s called “law and order.”

From American Thinker 

As BuzzFeed reports, the Munchel ruling is already impacting existing cases of January 6 protestors being held without bail. Two Oath Keepers members, Connie Meggs and Donovan Crowl, were granted bond by Judge Amit Mehta (by the way, an Obama appointee) who relied on the Munchel decision.

The description of Munchel and Eisenhart’s conduct at the Capitol, a description based on evidence, not news reports, is more in accord with my view of what almost all the thousands of  protesters exhibited — no armed violence to persons or destruction of property; at best misdemeanor trespass which given the encouragement to do so by a number of Capitol Police even seems a dubious charge. This description is  contrary to the perfervid press coverage and the bias it engendered upon which it appears that the Department of Justice was counting in the  subsequent criminal court proceedings. The florid accounts in the press were in my view designed to tar any Trump supporters and justify surrounding the Capitol with National Guard troops, fences, and barbed wire. When actually facing  evidentiary challenges, those accounts failed here.

“Last time we were here 30 days ago, I was convinced that it was a plan to execute an incursion on the Capitol building,” the judge told Caldwell’s attorney. “You’ve raised some evidence that, I think, rebuts that notion.”

The judge has since released other defendants, noting there’s no evidence they assaulted anyone at the Capitol or, in some cases, don’t appear to be as involved in the planning before Jan. 6.

But Mehta on Friday ordered Meggs to remain locked up, calling him a danger to the community. The judge said his communications in the weeks leading up to the attack show he was planning for violence in the streets of Washington even if none specifically mention a plot to storm the Capitol.

Prosecutors have also apparently been unable to get on the same page about what to say to the press.

A judge recently scolded the Justice Department over a “60 Minutes” interview during which the prosecutor who was leading the investigation suggested some of the rioters could face sedition charges. Former acting District of Columbia U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin’s interview appeared to violate Justice Department rules and Sherwin is now under internal investigation, a prosecutor told the judge.
It’s no secret that Justice Department counsel hoping for career advancement have in recent years relied on manipulated news to influence judges and jurors. It’s long past time for adult supervision of excessive criminal charges and overly aggressive advocacy. As the hoopla about January 6 fades, I expect more losses for the department.

So, in short, the panel of judges recognized that the DOJ was attempting to “corner” Trump supporters and put unreasonable and unlawful burdens on them to help support their plan to overcharge these people, and avoid court with “plea deals” being used as a bargaining chip so they could get out of jail and go home.

It’s just monstrous and disgusting behavior from our not-so-justice-filled Department of Justice.


And people wonder why we don’t like the government?

Now, what we’ll likely start seeing, is these “insurrectionists” being released on bond, and the feds lose their ability to try and strong-arm folks into plea deals, and the cases – which are weak as hell – will start being dropped.


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