Alternate Juror In Chauvin Trial Says Prosecution Expert Sealed Her Decision; Rioting Didn't Play A Part

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Lisa Christensen, an alternate juror in the Derek Chauvin trial, has been getting a lot of bad press from websites trying to create a narrative that she was worried about the rioting happening not far away from where she lived in Brooklyn Center.

She even claimed that one night protesters were blocking the intersections, stopping her from making it home after testimony had ended. But in the video below, she also informed the interviewer that she was aware of everything happening around her but that didn’t affect her decision that Chauvin was guilty.

In the video below is an interview of Christensen:

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I watched a lot of the trial and to me, I thought the prosecution put on a better story than the defense.

The police showed up to a non-violent situation where it is likely the guy doesn’t even know the bill is counterfeit. They were extremely violent, with guns drawn and yelling different things simultaneously. They immediately put their hands on him.

Believe it or not, it is easy to comply when you don’t think your about to be killed.

It takes time to get over the confusion and figuring out of these are really cops and if they’re really talking to you. The drugs would make it even worse, but police are trained to de-escalate situations and use the minimum force.

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There is a reason the judge did not give instructions to the jury once they ended arguments. Instructions to a jury have to be done with the input of both sides and also their agreement. So apparently, there are legal distinctions many are not aware of. The judge will instruct the jury about the application of law as agreed to by both sides. There is a pending case before the Minnesota Supreme Court that could affect one of those counts, but that is not yet a ruling.

Here’s a suggestion. If George Floyd was claustrophobic for being in small spaces, they should have brought a larger vehicle down and put him in. I think it would have been better to take him down to the station in this way rather than have a possible homicide. I have no idea why the officer pressed on his neck with his knee after he was already handcuffed.

A lot of people here have no clue how our justice system works. Appellate courts’ job is to determine whether they handled a case properly and the lower court judge followed the appropriate rules and precedents. Disagreeing with the verdict is not grounds for an appeal.

I’ve noticed something recently at stores and restaurants in particular. Black people and white people are not making eye contact. Being very transactional. Not rude, not angry, but just avoiding having to look at or talk to one another. It is strange but understandable.

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I do not dislike them for being white (irrational), and they do not dislike me for being black (also irrational), so it is not that. I think that we are ashamed. I think that the VAST minority of each race is acting terribly, and we are embarrassed. I am furious at Chauvin, and I think that most people are. But I am also furious at BLM, and again, I think that most people are.

How are we supposed to have these feelings and not feel discomfort looking at each other or talking to each other? I checked into a hotel in Atlanta and the lady helping me was white. We hardly spoke a word and never looked at each other. There was no anger. Just severe discomfort. It was palpable. I am a Marriott Rewards gold member. They usually fall all over themselves for me (which is uncomfortable, too, and unnecessary), but I was not even offered points or a commissary item this time. It was like we did not exist.

My point? The majority of us are not the problem. Isolate the minority and do not let them speak for us.




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