Michael Vanyukov Calls CRT Marxism

Alumni groups have been mostly quiet in the fight over higher education. They have been MIA as the “progressives” took over their institutions and turned them into training grounds for activists who want to transform America. Maybe, however, that is changing.

So reports Jay Schalin in today’s Martin Center article. He writes, “on Sunday, October 17, the formation of a new organization was announced in the Wall Street Journal. This organization is called the Alumni Free Speech Alliance (AFSA); its members are reform-minded alumni at five prestigious institutions: Princeton University, Davidson College, Washington and Lee University, Cornell University, and the University of Virginia.”

The will to fight shown by the formation of AFSA seems to be sparking similar moves among the alumni of other schools. Schalin continues, “At colleges and universities all around the country—more than just the five original members of the AFSA—dissident alumni groups are forming. If they can all find each other and join together, they may be a powerful new force in academia to fend off the predations of the woke and the statists. That is the great hope for AFSA, that they can become the source of pressure that puts the brakes on academia’s perpetual drive toward politicized dogma and tyranny.”

Let the counterattack begin.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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