Americans Love Ted's Support For Cubans But Wonder Why He Won't Speak Out For Jan 6th "Politcal Prisoners"

Americans are generous and supportive people – especially conservatives.


We want to help oppressed people taste freedom – and that includes the good people of Cuba who have suffered for decades under tyrannical communist rule.

So, it’s understandable and commendable that the American people and politicians speak out in support of Cubans who are fighting for freedom – I don’t think many people would take issue with that.

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However, what good patriots will take issue with, is when politicians have a one-track mind and show massive passion and support for oppressed foreigners, but ignore oppressed Americans living right under their noses.

As you likely know by now, there are approximately 33 American citizens who are still being held in jail, without bail, over the January 6th melee, and our GOP politicians have been basically stone-cold-silent on this issue.

So, while we all want to support Cuban patriots, we also expect our politicians to show the same support and passion for the Americans who voted them into the office and pay their salaries.

That’s why, when Ted Cruz sent another “inspiring message” to the good people of Cuba, many Americans wanted to know when he’d do the same for the good people being locked up without bail and kept as “political prisoners” in US jails:


“Waiting for @tedcruz to send an “inspiring message” to the American tourists rotting in jail since January 6th.”

Here are some of the comments online about this topic:

“Unfortunately, not one of these politics will risk supporting anything that could really shift the balance of things.”

“I was also waiting for him to rise to point of order when Pence ignored dueling Electors for many states.”

“What a disappointment he has become in many ways, His Covid tweets are just as bad. He is out of touch with the people who elected him.”

“It blows me away that no Republicans have spoken out against the political prisoners in DC and the audit results from AZ and GA. They all stick there heads in the sand. RINOS!”

“Look, I support Cubans fully, but I am really angry that our politicians are ignoring Americans who need help while going CRAZY supporting Cubans. There can be balance” 

“This is really starting to piss me off, and I am a pretty mild mannered guy” 

“I contacted his office yesterday along with the even more useless John Cornyn. People need to start putting the pressure on.” 

“This just proves that we need some serious change because we are not being represented by the people we elected”

“Yeah I don’t understand this. we have political prisoners here in the United States who are registered voters in the same party with this jackass but he says nothing? makes no sense to me.” 

“Ted Cruz is all talk, no action” 

“I’m fine supporting Cubans, but not at the expense of Americans who are also suffering” 

“If you can’t speak out for US political prisoners, you have no businesses speaking out about anyone else suffering” 

“I have noticed this from a lot of politicans.They’re almost giddy with their passion for Cuba, which is ok, but why not for Americans? 

“Every speech and tweet they give about this topic, without saying the same for Americans is making my blood boil” 

“Ted better get his ass in gear and remember who put him in DC. HINT: It wasn’t the good people of Cuba.” 

I think it’s time for Ted, and the rest of our “fearless GOP leaders” to speak out for Americans being unjustly imprisoned without bail, and also to stand up for all the Trump supporters who Joe Biden is comparing to “Confederate slave owners.”


And furthermore, it’s time for Republicans to start demanding to know who killed Ashli Babbitt.

Hold these people’s feet to the fire, folks. Don’ let them get away with ignoring us.


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