Americans React to "Predator-looking" Photo of Joe Biden From Last Night's Congressional Baseball Game 

Joe Biden has a well-documented history of praetorial behavior.


We’ve all seen it online in photos, videos, and many women have come forward to say that Joe Biden has either raped them or made them feel very uncomfortable, thanks to how he invades personal space.

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And speaking of invading personal space – there’s a photo from last night’s Congressional Baseball game that has a lot of people feeling very uncomfortable.

It’s once again a photo of Joe Biden, where he appears to take a very predatorial stance while invading a female’s space…it’s gross, and it just goes to show that Joe Biden has no respect for how anybody feels about his behavior because he keeps doing it.


Here’ what folks online had to say about the photo:

“This is clear predatory behavior. He is blocking/boxing her in. Sickening.”

“You need to be triple vaxxed for no mask now?”

“i am so confused about when he does and does not wear a mask?”

“no social distancing when you’re a predator” 

“I assume he’s not wearing a mask because he wanted to sniff her hair? Or does he only do that for minors?”

“”Wanna go see Air Force One?” “I got hairy legs, I’ll show you” “I got some art back at my place… famous artist… his name is Hunter… I have some originals…””

“This predatory behavior is something the media knows full well about Biden, but won’t report on it.”

“That’s what happens with dementia. Lose your filter.”

“I wonder if “no means no” in these instances?”

“God, he makes me uncomfortable.”

I agree that Joe Biden can’t help himself.

He’s a predator through and through, and h doesn’t know any other way to behave, and it’s disgusting.


If President Trump took stances like this around women, the left would come undone, and the media would report on it 24/7.

But because it’s Joe Biden, everyone pretends it doesn’t exist, just like his Alzheimer’s.

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