Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed to the Supreme Court!

By TCP News Staff


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Letter from General Flynn. 

Amy Coney Barrett is the newest justice of the Supreme Court.


Not too many surprises here: NO Democrats voted for Barrett, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski seeing the prevailing political winds voted to confirm – and Republican Sen. Susan Collins just committed political suicide with a no vote.

Democrats of course referred to Justice Barrett’s confirmation as “illegitimate.”  Big surprise there.  Anyone who does not support the liberal mindset is “illegitimate,” and unqualified.  Especially someone who does not support the murder of babies.

Chuck-you Schumer cried about this being one of the “darkest days in the 231-year history of the United States Senate.”

Our condolences to liberals everywhere – keep crying, there is more to come.

Image Credit: Courtesy of the GOP on Twitter


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