Ana Navarro Gets Mad at Those Who Voted for Mickey Mouse

CNN political analyst Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, last night:

Ana Navarro, four years ago:

Ana Navarro is a lifelong Republican, but she isn’t voting for her party’s nominee on November 8.

The CNN political commentator isn’t voting for Hillary Clinton, either. Instead, she’s planning to write-in her mother’s name on the ballot.

“I’ve got every right to vote my conscience,” she said Wednesday on “New Day.”

Indeed, Navarro did have every right to vote her conscience in 2016, just as everyone else has the right to vote their consciences every year. Those who vote third-party, or write in candidates, ought to know that their choice is extremely unlikely to win, and the overwhelming majority of those who choose those options know that. Third-party or write-in voters conclude that neither major party candidate has earned their vote, choose to cast a ballot for the longest of longshots or even a fictional character, and let the chips fall where they may.

It is hard to see much of a political distinction between voting for Mickey Mouse and voting for Ana Navarro’s mom.

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