Anarchists Cancel "WH Siege" Right After Bill Barr Leaked He'd Be Charging Rioters With "Sedition"

Well, so much for the big “50-day siege of the White House” by anarchist groups.

It was supposed to start today, but it got canceled right after AG Barr leaked out that he’d be charging rioters with “sedition.”

I guess they don’t want to go to federal prison for a fun 22 years, huh?

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The announcement came from various leaders of the group, which you may remember from back in the day as “Occupy Wall Street.”

This one here claims it was canceled after “intensive talks” because “Trump supporters” and “white nationalists” were issuing death threats.

I’ve seen other cancelations due to “rain.”

Okay, so you’re going to lay “siege” on the White House, as long as it’s sunny outside?


And then another corner of the group says they canceled because their “1st Amendments Rights are under attack.” I guess this excuse is the closest to being honest.

They’re afraid of being arrested and thrown in federal prison for 22 years.

One thing is for sure, these people can’t get a cohesive message together.

But we all know the real reason they canceled Trump and Barr scared the crap outta them!

From Town Hall

The organizing groups behind the White House “siege” that is supposed to last until Election Day suffered a set back on the first day as they canceled the first event related to the protest.

Minutes before the “General Assembly” was supposed to convene in Lafayette Square at noon, Twitter accounts announced the meeting was canceled due to the groups receiving “MANY threats of death and violence from Trump supporters and white nationalists.”

But not all is lost for these hobo anarchists…

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Now, they’re doing “50 days of Improv Jazz.” — And no, I’m not kidding.

“The White House “Siege” is canceled.” They’re doing 50 days of non-violent improv jazz instead. You couldn’t make this up. Trump scared the hell out of them.”

We’re also hearing they plan to”feed the homeless.”

Let me tell you what that actually means…they put up their “cash app” account and collect money to fund their seditious war.

The jig is up for these communists and so is the free violence ride they’ve been enjoying, thanks to inept Democrat leadership.


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