Andrew Cuomo: The Michael Avenatti of Governors 

Charlie has a good post below on the new standard at CNN, where suddenly Chris Cuomo can’t cover his brother now that he’s no longer the subject of 24/7 media adulation.

At this rate, Andrew Cuomo is going to become the biggest flameout of a media darling since Michael Avenatti, also undeservedly showered with attention and praise by CNN.

Just as something clearly wasn’t on the up-and-up about Avenatti, it was obvious from the beginning that Cuomo wasn’t as portrayed. Everyone should have abandoned the COVID-hero storyline as soon as his policy mistake with the nursing homes emerged (compounded, we now know, by an alleged cover-up), and everyone in the media-political complex knew, or should have known, about his reputation for bullying.

What’s new, at least I hadn’t heard about it before (but I’m not exactly plugged in with New York Democrats), is the inappropriate conduct around women. There are three women who have come forward with their stories, and it seems inevitable there will be more.

Often in these harassment cases, it’s a he said/she said. But the latest woman to tell her story says that Cuomo made her uncomfortable at a wedding, and there’s a photo of him doing exactly what she said, and she does, indeed, look profoundly uncomfortable.

I guess the odds are that Cuomo brazens it out, but what terrible judgment so many showed trying to elevate this guy into something he wasn’t.

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