Andrew Gillum Breaks Silence, Discusses Infamous Nude Photo of Himself Lying in a Puddle of Vomit

Former Democrat rising star Andrew Gillum has finally crawled out of his hole to discuss the scandal involving crystal meth and a male escort.

Gillum recently took to Instagram, where he posted a video discussing the shame he faced from that night, as well as the shocking photo taken of him lying naked in a pool of his own vomit.

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From Politico

In an 11-minute Instagram post, Gillum described the shame he endured after he was found drunk in a Miami Beach hotel room with a man, Travis Dyson, who had been suspected of overdosing on crystal meth. According to local news reports, Dyson worked as a gay porn actor and advertised himself as a male escort.

The March incident led to Gillum withdrawing from public life, shutting down a promising career that led him to a close run for the Florida governorship. He later announced he was entering a rehabilitation facility and starting therapy for depression.

Gillum’s Instagram post focused on his own personal growth since the incident rocked Florida Democratic politics. Gillum expressed remorse for what he did, acknowledging that it was normal to feel “guilty for the harm you have caused someone. That’s how you know you’re human. That’s how you know you’re not a sociopath.”

But Gillum said the public shame of the incident had weighed heavily on him, calling it something “completely different” that “cuts you.”

It’s crazy to think this man was that close to becoming governor of Florida.

Clearly the Democrats don’t do too much vetting for their “rising stars.”

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