Another Anti-Trump RINO Just Bit The Dust...This Time a Michigan Bigwig

If there’s one “good” thing that’s come from the 2020 election, it’s that we all now have an incredibly high intolerance for RINOs.


Not that we ever supported them, but for too long, RINOs were not a “top focus,” and they flew under the radar and multiplied.

By the time we noticed, these establishment losers took over the party and it was too late to just easily get rid of them.

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But all of that changed after 2020 when it was clear that RINOs traitors had come together and worked with Dems to take out our America First leader.

Now, it’s like playing “whack-a-mole.” Whenever we see a RINO pop up, we whack them and take them out.

And that’s exactly what just happened to the director of the Michigan Republican Party.

Jason Roe wasn’t just a “RINO…” He was a RINO with Stage 5 TDS, and one of his favorite past-times was trashing President Trump.

Roe went so far as to say that 2020 was a totally “fair” election, and Tump lost it because he “blew” it.

The good people of Michigan called for Jason Roe’s censure and firing over several different remarks he made about Trump.


During an appearance on the Michigan Information & Research Services podcast in May, Roe said Trump “was seemingly doing everything he could to lose a winnable race” in 2020. He also indicated on the podcast the party should move on from “complaining about how the election loss happened.”

Detroit News Reported that Michigan Republican Party Executive Director Jason Roe said he has resigned, the latest development in a string of controversies embroiling the state GOP over former President Donald Trump.

Roe, a longtime political consultant who had been targeted by devout Trump supporters within the party for past comments critical of the ex-president, confirmed his resignation on Wednesday. Businessman Ron Weiser, who won a race to be the chairman of the Michigan GOP in early February, hired Roe for the leadership job.

“I have resigned my position as executive director and the reasons will remain between me and Chairman Weiser,” Roe said in a text message. “We’ve built an amazing team and I know they will be very successful in 2022. I look forward to helping any way I can.”


In his own Wednesday afternoon statement, Weiser didn’t address what caused the split.

We all know what caused the “split.”

We the people did it.

The people of Michigan demanded that he leave his post because he did n0t represent us.

Good riddance.

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