Another High-Ranking Dem Busted Mask-Free at a Wine Bar After Advising Citizens to ‘Stay Home’

This seems to be a new trend where high and mighty politicians bark out orders for us peasants, while they quite literally sit on the beach sipping Pina Coladas.


Like Austin, TX mayor Steve Adler, who gave his citizens orders to “stay home” as he stepped off his private jet in Mexico.

From BBC

Steve Adler, leader of Austin, Texas, went on a family getaway to Mexico as he told people to keep indoors amid spiralling virus caseloads.

He recorded a video from the beach resort instructing residents back home: “This is not the time to relax.”
But Mr Adler, a Democrat, denied violating his own regulations.

What did the Austin mayor do?

He told the Austin American-Statesman, which revealed his trip: “There was no recommendation for people not to travel during that period of time.

“Someone could look at me and say, ‘He travelled.’ But what they could not say is that I travelled at a time when I was telling other people not to travel.”

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Mr Adler last month hosted an outdoor wedding reception with 20 guests for his daughter at an upmarket hotel in the city.

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But this isn’t the only case.

We had Governor Newsome out dining at a swanky restaurant during his states shutdown, Nancy Pelosi getting her hair did, and many, many more.

And now there’s yet another hypocrite to join their roster, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, who was seen drinking at a wine bar just four days after demanding that citizens stay home except for “essential activities.” Here’s what she said: “It’s an advisory. I am strongly advising you and asking you to stay home in your own house. Not your friend’s, not at a party at someone else’s house – in your house.”

From Fox News

The governor of Rhode Island is facing backlash this week after she was photographed at a wine and paint night just days after she had discouraged inessential activities to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The picture, taken by Erica Oliveras last Friday, shows Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo sitting at table in Barnaby’s Public House in Providence without a mask, WLNE reported.

Oliveras told the station that backlash over the photo was blown out of proportion because Raimondo had only taken off the mask to drink her wine.

Still, others felt that Raimondo’s actions were hypocritical, given that four days prior she urged Rhode Islanders in a tweet to “stay home except for essential activities & wear a mask anytime you’re with people you don’t live with.”

Susan Goodman, a Providence resident, told WLNE that the governor “shouldn’t even be at an event like that.”

“You can drink wine at home. I’m an experienced wine drinker Gina, do it at home,” Goodman said.



Didn’t realize getting sloshed on wine wasn’t something you could do in your own home.

Way to set an example governor…

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