Another Sneaky Move From WH Hints That the Big "Swap" is Off...

Kamala Harris isn’t a shining political star. And anyone who had been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the Dem primary knows this.


She was terrible.

So bad, as a matter of fact, that she actually had to bow out early because she had no support.

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Kamala has all the “likeability” of Hillary Clinton and besides that, she doesn’t seem qualified for this job that she didn’t earn – remember her recent Guatealama and Mexico trips?


Not to mention, her approval ratings with Americans are in the toilet.

So, is the “swap” off?


Well, it sure seems that way, and this latest little sneaky move to protect Joe and hang Kamala out to dry (again) seems to support that theory.

Breitbart News reported that Biden was kept safe from the political fallout, while Vice President Kamala Harris was sent to join the display of righteous indignation from Democrats after the bill failed to advance with a partisan vote of 50-50.

Biden did not even address the issue publicly on camera on Tuesday, choosing instead to hold an event at the White House to highlight the upcoming fire and drought season in the summer.

He concluded the short event Tuesday afternoon and ignored shouted questions from reporters about the voting rights bill.

Harris was sent to lead the proceedings in the Senate instead, as Biden tasked her with taking the lead on voting rights at the beginning of June.


Harris not only led the proceedings in the Senate but joined reporters on camera to talk about the issue after the bill failed.

“The bottom line is that the president and I are very clear … the fight is not over,” Harris said to reporters afterward.

If they’re protecting Biden and tossing Kamala to the wolves, it sounds like the plans have changed.

Maybe we’ll be stuck with Biden for four years if he can physically and mentally hold out?

After all, it doesn’t really matter which one of those dummies is in the WH. They’re both “handled” by the exact same people.

It’s Obama’s 3rd term, no matter who’s sitting behind the Oval Office desk.

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