Antifa Vandalized South Carolina Lawmaker’s Home

An Antifa protester yells at law enforcement during competing demonstrations in Portland, Ore., June 4, 2017. (Jim Urquhart/Reuters)

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace’s home was reportedly vandalized over the weekend, spray-painted with obscenities and anarchist emblems associated with Antifa, the domestic group infamous for engaging in political violence in major American cities.

The Republican congresswoman arrived at her property Monday morning to find that her house, front steps, sidewalks, and street were covered with black spray paint. The vandals spray painted Antifa symbols and profanities on her home, including “F*** you Nancy,” “all politicians are bastards,” “no god, no masters,” “pass the pro act.”

Mace shared her feelings of fear after the incident at her home, where she lives with her two children.

“I’m a single mom and this is where I’m raising my family,” Mace told Fox News. “Rhetoric has reached, I think, an all-time high. And we’ve got to take it down a notch because real words have real consequences on real people in real life.”

“It’s such a violation of one’s privacy,” the freshman representative continued. “It doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are or your political affiliation, everyone should feel safe in their own home. And to have someone trespass onto your property and deface it in such a vile manner – even my kids had to see that yesterday.”

In recent months, amid the violence erupting in the streets of America by lone protesters and organized groups, some elected officials and particularly President Joe Biden have discounted the danger of Antifa by calling it just an “idea.” Mace had choice words for those who try to downplay the seriousness of the national security peril Antifa poses.

“It’s awful and it also goes to show that Antifa isn’t just an ideology, you know, as some want to call it,” Mace said. “These are real people with criminal intent. There was Antifa graffiti with this. [They] wreaked havoc across the United States and my house is just the latest casualty.”

The Charleston Police Department is current investigating the case, the likes of which have happened to other members of Congress at a higher rate this year. The Capitol police department reported in May it was reported that there has been a 107 percent rise in threats against federal legislators compared to the same period in 2020.

Republican Senator Rand Paul, for example, has experienced a number of threats to himself and his family. After the Republican National Convention in August, Paul and his wife were surrounded by an angry mob of protestors before police officers escorted them to safety. Mostly recently, Paul intercepted a package at his Kentucky residence containing white powder and a disturbing picture. A photo on the outside of the envelope depicted Paul with a gun to his head and the words, “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you motherf—–.”

“Conservatives are being targeted,” Mace commented. “We can’t continue down this path. It’s un-American and it’s unsafe, and we could do better.”

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