Photo of How Technology Has Evolved — And Cost The GOP Its Edge

Apple and Google have now made the case to remove section 230 liability protections from social media companies.

On Thursday, Google removed social media app Parler from its app store over disagreements with the content posted on the platform.

On Friday, Apple gave Parler just 24 hours to censor its content or be removed from the iStore.

Apple and Google evidently believe that a social media company is responsible for the content posted on its platform by users and should be punished when that content does not conform to their idea of societal norms.

When you distill this Orwellian message down, Apple and Google believe that social media companies are directly liable for the content posted on their sites and the ideologies of their users. That is in direct contravention of Twitter and Facebook’s position that they are open forums and cannot be held liable for what users post.

Oddly, the move by the two tech giants also adds mounting evidence that they operate as monopolistic dictators in their respective spaces.

If Parler is unable to put its app on the Apple Store or Google Play, it will be basically invisible to the mobile user community – a significant portion of social media users. Mobile access is crucial in maintaining user engagement. ‘Anytime access’ and notifications are at the center of social media’s conversational nature. This move will kill Parler – as Big Tech intends.

By going after Parler for refusing to silence competing views, Apple and Google have opened up Twitter and Facebook to litigation for doing exactly that.

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