April Ryan Demands Trump Be Dragged Before International Criminal Court for 'Race War' Crimes

April Ryan has lost her damn mind.

This woman has become so unbelievably unhinged, that she’s now declaring that Trump himself has started a race war here in the United States and should be dragged before the International Criminal Court to answer for his “crimes.”

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And what specific “crimes” you might ask?

Well, it seems she still hasn’t worked that one out yet.

From Washington Examiner

“Let’s call a thing a thing,” said CNN contributor and American Urban Radio Networks bureau chief April Ryan. “This president, Donald John Trump, has instigated a race war in America. Portland, Oregon, is ground zero. This president, Donald John Trump, has basically stoked the flames for racist extremists, neo-Nazis, and the ‘alt-right.’”

She added, “The mayor of Portland is absolutely right. And there are those who are calling for help from this president and the stoking of a race war. There is a race war in America right now because of this president. People are calling me, asking if there indeed is a way to get the international crimes court to come in to deal with this.”

Claiming that “people” are calling her to tell her about a ridiculous thing that will never happen is, ironically enough, some perfectly Trumpian behavior.

“I’ve talked to some people who are in intelligence, and they’re saying he has done heinous things, but they have to see. We don’t know for sure,” Ryan continued. “But people are now afraid of this president because he has stoked the racial flames. And let’s call the thing a thing: He has now begun a race war in America in 2020.”

Watch the video:

April Ryan clearly needs counseling and a definition of “race war” crimes.

This is what the mainstream media has been reduced to, folks.

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