Are You Sitting Down? Feinstein Just Sounded Like an Actual Sane American Patriot...

While the tumultuous situation in the United States has split party lines even further, occasionally someone comes to their sense and starts actually speaking sanely.

And oddly enough, that person appears to be Diane Feinstein.


In a shocking new statement, Feinstein declared that what Senator Cruz and Hawley did was 100% within their bounds and it’s actually their freedom to do so.

Check it out:

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This could be the first time in quite a while that conservatives actually find themselves agreeing with Feinstein.

Which many of them were shocked to admit:

Ughhh… I agree with Feinstein. That feels awkward. She’s right though. What they did may be unpopular with the Twitterati but it’s entirely within the scope of their jobs as senators.

Wow mark this down in history I agree with Senator Feinstein on something…….

Guess she’s nearing the end of her political career to actually say something that made sense and no to get re-elected

Crazy land when Diane Feinstein is the voice of reason & the people in your own party are trying to stab you in the back. Mitch & the rest of the GOP cannot read or follow a time line. Trump didn’t cause the Capitol Riots & he also doesn’t control the behavior of others.

But the left will hate her for it. Remember how they acted when she hugged Lindsey. Moderation is not in their wheelhouse.


You’ve gotta have at least a small bit of respect for her for saying that.

It certainly takes bravery to stand up against your party and I’m sure she knows she’ll face some type of repercussions for that statement.

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