Are You Sitting Down? You're About to Agree With LeBron James...No, Seriously...

The left is in love with COVID.


No, seriously, they are.  I know it might sound crazy, but these people are worshiping this virus and everything related to it like it’s a “god.”

They believe COVID finally took down “Orange Man Bad,” so while they’re terrified of it, they’re still thankful – it’s like a Godzilla complex…sure, they believe COVID is a “monster,” but it’s the monster that killed the worst monster ever…That’s their logic, in my opinion.

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So, whenever someone on the COVID plantation. wanders off and doesn’t think/act in lockstep with all the other cultists, all hell breaks loose…And that’s what’s happening to LeBron James right now.

It’s all but certain from his latest statement, that he is not vaccinated and doesn’t plan to be.

This whole thing started when LeBron broke NBA COVID protocol by attending an event with rap artist Drake.

ESPN reported on the incident: Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was found to be in breach of the NBA’s health and safety protocols this week.

James won’t be suspended, sources told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, as the nature of the event didn’t rise to a threat level of virus spread.


James was one of several high-profile guests present at a promotional event for a tequila brand he backs earlier this week before the Lakers’ play-in game against the Golden State Warriors.

The tequila was poured at a brief outdoor photoshoot, and invitees, including recording artist Drake and actor Michael B. Jordan, had to produce proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result in order to attend.

But it’s what he said – and what he didn’t say about the COVID vaccine that has perked up people’s ears.

When asked if he took the shot, LeBron gave a very cryptic response. He said that he will discuss it with his family and that it’s a personal matter that he will not comment publically on.


Okay, we all know what that means – let’s not fool ourselves here. LeBron doesn’t want to take a non-FDA-approved shot that hasn’t gone through the proper trials.

Do you blame him?

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Here’s what The Sports Rush had to say about LeBron’s comments: This reply (from LeBron) looked highly suggestive of his hesitation at the prospect of the vaccine. People who support the vaccine have spoken unequivocally in its favor in public, whenever they’ve had the opportunity.

This is a great point here — the left – or the COVID CULTISTS as I like to call them, love talking about the vaccine.

They love the vaccine even more than the masks if you can believe that one.


Seriously, these people are mentally ill over this virus and vaccine. None of this is normal behavior by well-adjusted people.

So, clearly, as a bonified and self-proclaimed spokesman for the left, if LeBron was taking the shot, he’d be telling all of us – night and day.

God knows he’s an insufferable know-it-all and gloater, he’d never shut up about it.

The piece goes on to say that the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell have acted as “community leaders” by voluntarily taking the vaccines first. However, data reveals that black Americans are still taking fewer doses than the national average.

Much of this has to do with the systemic distrust that they still harbor with government-mandated medication. But there are people who are specifically against taking the Covid-19 vaccines because there’s no data on its long-term impact.


There isn’t a lot that I agree with LeBron James on – actually, there’s nothing I agree with him on – except for this.

He’s right to be leery, and he’s also right that this is a personal matter that should be kept private.

It’s too bad he doesn’t treat a lot of other stuff that way, but hey, we can’t expect miracles from these narcasssits.

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