Are You the Happy Warrior We Seek?

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National Review seeks to hire critical fulltime talent.

Sixty-five years ago, National Review set out to challenge liberal orthodoxy in American politics and culture. Our mission was critical because, as we said in our inaugural issue, “literate America [had] rejected conservatism in favor of radical social experimentation.” Today the challenges are just as great, and growing. Yet National Review remains steadfastly committed to its mission, dedicated to bringing the message of conservative ideals to new audiences.

In order to stand up to the cultural and media hegemony of the Left, we need professionals who can adeptly navigate the modern business environment. We are looking for two such happy warriors to fill new and vital roles on our Business Operations Team — Manager, Audience Data & Activation and Manager, Social Media & Digital Production — both of which are listed on our Careers page. Each position has an important place in ensuring National Review continues to play its part, protecting the genius of our American experiment.

In addition, the Careers page offers several other excellent opportunities. If you are a like-minded person eager to begin or continue your career in conservative media, we look forward to hearing from you soon. Not looking but you know someone who is? Please consider helping National Review by sending our opportunities to your friends and family members and by posting to your social-media channels!

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