#MaidenGate: Were Ballots Illegally Harvested by Democrats in Your Name?

Arizona Today’s Lyle Rapacki interviews Col. Phil Waldron concerning election fraud


By Lyle Rapacki


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Letter from General Flynn. 

(TCP News)  Mentioned below is PART I of a two part interview/conversation with Col. Phil Waldron.  Col. Waldron is a cyber and national security specialist, former Army Operations Command who has testified before several state legislators, and who provided evidence during the Mayor Giuliani presentation before the ten hour Arizona Joint Legislative Public Hearing held in Phoenix on November 30th.  As I stated in previous ARIZONA TODAY programs, my intention is to continue to open the curtain for you, and have you learn multiple dimensions regarding the last election fraud, as well as the deliberate movement to serious delay and even derail any forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.  I was most privileged to coordinate the Joint Legislative Public Hearing, my fifth joint legislative hearing coordination over the past eleven years.  My privilege was extended to meet and work with some truly exceptional American Patriots, like Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Col. Phil Waldron, Constitutional Attorney Jenna Ellis, former New York Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik, and several others who I believe you will meet through my ARIZONA TODAY conversations/interviews.  ALL of them are true patriots our Forefathers would have been proud to know.

Please enjoy and listen to PART I with this forensic cyber specialist, and prepare for PART II coming in a day following.  Thank you, America, thank each and every one of you who has financially supported ARIZONA TODAY and my work helping to sort through the diabolical dimensions associated with the sordid handling of the Arizona election, in at least Maricopa County.  Each of you who has written and donated are in this fight right along side of the aforesaid specialists above, and still some you shall be meeting through my program.  Thank you for your prayers, letters and cards of incredible encouragement, and again, for your generous and unselfish trusting financially helping me to keep going.  Each of you are fighting the good fight!  Thank you!

Arizona Today with Lyle Rapacki

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