Arkansas Governor Ends Own GOP Career with Trans Bill Veto; Tucker Puts Him Out to Pasture Early

With Kristi Noem’s veto of a law banning boys from competing against girls in sports in her state, the spotlight is on Republican governors and how they are handling transgender issues involving minors. That spotlight shifted to Arkansas yesterday when the Republican governor, Asa Hutchinson, vetoed a bill that would have banned transgender “treatment” of minors. That would have included hormone blockers and sex-change surgeries.

Asa’s vetoing of this bill would prevent the chemical castration and sex-change surgeries from being performed on minors.  Personally, his arguments were weak and unbelievable.  See what you think:

Oh, you mean how abortions are banned for underage children in Arkansas? Or how you can’t just shoot up your ten your old with botox? The idea that the government doesn’t already protect children by stopping certain “healthcare” treatments is simply false. Why would the same principle not apply to something as serious as attempting to “transition” a 12-year-old?

This is why Republicans lose. When the GOP thinks they can just float above the fray, the culture simply passes right underneath them, and things don’t just magically move more towards sanity. But Hutchinson got plaudits from the ACLU and the transgender lobby so I guess that’s something.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only person who noticed how ridiculous his reasoning was for refusing to stop not what many consider, but what is child abuse!  Last night’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight featured an interview with the termed out Arkansas governor.  What then followed was an absolute thrashing and of weak arguments and a direct contradiction of Republican values.  I almost felt compelled to call the cops after watching it.

Daily Caller on Twitter: “The final 49 seconds of the segment:”If someone ten years ago said you are going to be governor of Arkansas and you are going to veto a bill that would have protected children from chemical castration, what do you think you would have said?” / Twitter”

The final 49 seconds of the segment:”If someone ten years ago said you are going to be governor of Arkansas and you are going to veto a bill that would have protected children from chemical castration, what do you think you would have said?”

If Gov. Hutchinson had any aspirations running for Senate in Arkansas, he should immediately stop considering it immediately.  His career was effectively ended during this interview.  He made a totally straight-faced appeal to the “limited government principles” of Reagan and Buckley as a justification for allowing children to chemically castrate themselves.  This is is why the GOP loses and how intellectually hollow certain arguments have become.

His argument was akin to one that pro-abortion proponents make.  If he believes he can’t involve his state in certain “medical” procedures, he’s endorsing the excuse given by the Left to justify killing children in the womb. The state has a serious duty to protect children in society and already does so on a multitude of levels.

Preventing children from being shot up with hormone blockers and chemically castrated is not government overreach.  This is commonsense.  What’s more, it’s completely consistent with being a conservative!

Sadly, Hutchinson thinks the people of Arkansas are idiots which is why he tried to hid behind the ghost of one of the greatest presidents to have ever lead our nation–Ronald Reagan.  For far too long, Republicans have been allowed to bring up Reagan as some kind of all-encompassing shield for bad decision-making.  GOP voters aren’t buying it anymore nor should they.  Was Reagan perfect?  No.  Is Reagan relevant to what Arkansas’s governor is doing in 2021?  Also no!

Ultimately, any Republican that believes they can simply float above the fray and not engage directly in the culture war is losing that same culture war.  In fact, that’s the waiving the white flag in surrender.  When it comes to our children, we should never cede any ground in this arena and others.

It is a joy to watch Tucker work.  He is equally tenacious in going after Republicans to the complete sycophancy shown by liberal, legacy media hosts toward their fellow Democrats.  Moreover, Carlson will most definitely collect scalps from his own side.  This is something desperately needed.  Whoever was responsible for prepping Asa Hutchinson should be fired as he wasn’t prepared for last night’s interview.  Moreover, he’s the kind of Republican that should have no part in the future of the GOP.

If a GOP politician can’t stand up to prevent physical abuse of children, then that person doesn’t have any business being a Republican at all.

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