As Her Husband Sinks, Looks Like Jill Biden Thinks She's The One Who Can "Save" The Country

Things have gotten so bad, and so many Americans are chanting “F Joe Biden,” that now, The New York Times is trying to prop up Jill Biden as the “savior” America needs right now.

Oh, come on, man…


That’s right, the NYT is claiming that Jill Biden has a “new role” she’s playing and they insist that she “isn’t standing on the sidelines” when it comes to fighting for the “soul of the nation” and unifying Americans.

Are you kidding me?

That’s how bad things have gotten, and how low Joe has sunk, that they’re trotting out fake “doctor” Jill Biden, the woman who many Americans believe should be arrested for “elder abuse.”

My gosh, what a clown show.

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Good luck with that.

Bizpacreview reported that The New York Times opined that this summer had been really hard on President Biden:“Eight months into Biden’s presidency, both he and the first lady are finding that winning the ‘battle for the soul of the nation’ may be his most elusive campaign promise. Trying to prove it’s still possible, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t standing on the sidelines,” the leftist media outlet proclaimed.

Many believe that Jill Biden controls her husband to a certain degree and is the actual power behind his title. The piece by the New York Times seems to intimate that she will be the one to save America in her husband’s stead, giving credence to that assertion.

The positioning for Jill Biden comes after a poll conducted by Fox News indicates that the majority of Americans feel the country is less united since Biden took office.

Jill Biden is now in damage control mode after the bloody Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 U.S. service members dead, a botched drone strike that killed an innocent Afghan family, the exploding crisis at the border, France pulling its ambassador because it was left out of a nuclear submarine deal, the FDA nixing Biden’s touted booster vaccine plan, and a myriad of other political catastrophes that President Biden has been responsible for.


Americans can agree on one thing… President Biden has massively divided the country and they are not impressed with his significant other.

A new poll conducted by Fox News was released this Sunday, which indicates that the percentage of respondents who feel the country is more united under President Joe Biden has declined. It has fallen to the point where those who think the country is less united are now in the majority, according to the poll.

The numbers show a huge discrepancy between the campaign rhetoric and public perception. A whopping 54 percent feel the country is less united since Biden took office, while only 37 percent felt it was more united.


I guess fake “doctor” Jill has her work cut out for her…She should start by firing her husband and his sidekick Kamala, and putting President Trump back in the White House – that would unify the country quickly.

But let’s be serious for a moment, because you and I both know that Jill Biden actually thinks she’s the “president” right now. She’s probably just annoyed that she has this senile old goof standing in her way.

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