At Least 31 Cell Phones Were "Wiped Clean" by Mueller Team Before They Could be Checked

A new bombshell revelation has come about, thanks to a FOIA request.

It turns out that at least 31 phones that were used by the Mueller team were “wiped clean” before they could be checked for records.

Lead Mueller pitbull Andrew Weismann claims he “accidentally” wiped one of his phones clean.

How the heck do you “accidentally” wipe an entire phone clean? Come on, get real.

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Ivan Pentchoukov, a reporter for Epoch Times shared the information in a series of tweets.

Here’s what he said:

“NEWS: At least 27 phones used by the Mueller team were wiped before they could be checked for records. Some phones just wiped themselves, in other cases there was mass password amnesia that required resets. Source ppg. 49-52”

“Andrew Weismann wiped two of his three Special Counsel’s Office phones. He wiped one by accident. He wiped the other by entering the wrong password too many times. Has anyone ever wiped their phone by accident? Asking for a friend.”

“UPDATE: Counting the phones which were “reassigned,” the Special Counsel’s Office wiped 31 phones before they could be checked for records.”

“A phone belonging to James Quarles “wiped itself without intervention from him.”

These stories are about as believable as Epstein supposedly killing himself.

I can only imagine what was on those phones that they didn’t want the American people to see…proof that they Intel community was trying to overthrow a duly elected president, like a bunch of rogue generals from a 3rd-world Banana Republic.

And this is the same group of clowns who are working overtime to try and stop President Trump’s re-election and we must rise up and make sure they’re not successful.

There is still nothing more powerful in this county than “we the people.” We must harness that power in order to once again fight the demonic Deep State.


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