Attorney Robert Barnes Explains How Small of a Ballot "Rejection Rate" Trump Actually Needs to Win This Thing 

The 2020 election aftermath mess feels like Mt. Everest at times. Like this climb is just the most impossible and difficult feat ever. But while it is daunting and frustrating, it’s really not as “IMPOSSIBLE” as it might sometimes seem – or as impossible as the media wants to make it appear to be.


I saw this tweet from attorney Robert Barnes and I thought I’d share it with you because it really put things into a better perspective for me, and if you have those days where it all seems like “Mt. Everest,” I thought maybe this might help you too.

Let me set it up for you…So, last week we at did a story on how Obama won his first Senate seat by challenging ballot signatures in the primary. That’s how he won the primary, he got a slew of his opponent’s ballots tossed out…legally.

Here’s some background on that in case you missed it from a past CNN article:

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Sen. Barack Obama showed he was willing to use bare-knuckle tactics during his first race in Chicago.

It may take a Solomon-like decision to appease both candidates.

Clinton has argued that the primary results of two of the nation’s largest states should count because, otherwise, millions of voters are being disenfranchised. Obama has said he is willing to work out some compromise.

But he is insistent that the primary results are invalid because the two states failed to follow party rules and that the rules are the rules.

The DNC has not seated the Florida and Michigan delegates because the two states violated party edicts in holding their primaries early.

Although neither candidate campaigned in the two states, Clinton won about 50 percent of the Florida vote, compared with 33 percent for Obama. She won 55 percent of the vote in Michigan, where Obama’s name was not on the ballot.

In his first race for office, seeking a state Senate seat on Chicago’s gritty South Side in 1996, Obama effectively used election rules to eliminate his Democratic competition.

As a community organizer, he had helped register thousands of voters. But when it came time to run for office, he employed Chicago rules to invalidate the voting petition signatures of three of his challengers.

Now, that’s where Mr. Barnes comes in…

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He explains that when Obama challenged whether the signatures matched during the Illinois senate primary,  the average rejection rate was a whopping 62 percent.

But President Trump only needs a rejection rate of 1 or 2 percent to win this thing.

And if you believe this election was “monkey business” finding that 1-2 percent probably will not be too hard.

I understand that this feels really disheartening and cruddy at times, but these are the moments when we must fight hardest.

The media, led by the turncoats over at Fox News are trying to “install” a fake president, and they’re running a lot of propaganda to help make that happen.

Do not believe them.

Tune out those lies, turn off the media (especially Fox News) and keep fighting.


What can you do to fight?

Share information, crush their narrative, call your state and local reps and demand they investigate the 2020 election and back up President Trump.

Fight for Trump, your vote, your country, and fight your family by letting your voice be heard loud and clear.

Never submit or surrender.

It will get darker before the dawn.


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