[AUDIO] Tucker Releases Secret-Recording of Chris Cuomo Crudely Discussing Women Who Accused Him of "Sexual Harassment"

Well, we’ve been telling you that Tucker Carlson was planning to drop a bombshell on Chris Cuomo’s head…and true to his word, that’s just what he did.

Last week Tucker said he had been given a secretly-recorded tape involving Chris Cuomo and his good buddy Michael Cohen…yes, Trump’s former lawyer, who shared some “guy talk” about those pesky women who constantly accuse men of sexual assault.

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Cuomo didn’t realize that Michael was recording their conversation, and he began talking about women who he worked with in the past (at ABC) who made “sexual assault/harassment” allegations against him. Some allegations included Cuomo “opening a bathrobe” to expose himself to a woman. Of course, Cuomo says it never happened.

But aren’t we supposed to believe all women?

When you listen, take note of what a total narcissistic jerk Cuomo sounds like on the tape.

As Tucker calls him, “The Real Chris Cuomo.”

If you ask me, the guy sounds like he’s loaded up on steroids.

You can listen below:

Tucker said there’s more of these tapes…I wonder if he has his hands on them. Let’s hope so!

I have a feeling that Chris is pretty angry right now. First at Michael Cohen for secretly recording him, and next at Tucker for blasting it for all the world to hear.

Man, Trump was right…Michael Cohen is a total sleazeball.

Well, the good news is, I guess Michael won’t be able to go on CNN now to hock his stupid book that’s about to come out.

Ha! Great timing!


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