Barrett Won't Face Tough Questions From Dems, More Likely To Get Loaded Hateful Racist Ones Instead!

Republicans and conservatives (see how I did that?) are already warning Americans that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominee for the Supreme Court, will face tough questions from Democrats, next week when she sits in the Senate Judiciary hot seat.

I beg to differ. Amy won’t face TOUGH questions from Democrats; she’ll face “LOADED ANGRY HATEFUL RACIST” questions from the intolerant, arrogant left. Their hatred from her will seep out with each question but will be masked as if they love American and care about the court system.


Democrats by their own idiot-logic hate our court system. They hate prosecutors, which is why I am not sure they support Kamala Harris as a VP nominee choice and the hate law enforcement. So participating in who becomes a justice on the Supreme court seems a farce. They hate this country’s founding and the creation of Christian-based conservatives. They hate Barrett’s American-looking family, her smarts, her history, her values, institutions and structure. They are enemies now, hers and ours.

Barrett’s stand on abortion is the same as anyone who actually has faith in Jesus Christ.

She has already said several times that Roe v Wade is the law of the land. All they want is for her to say that she would abolish Roe v Wade if given a chance.

It is among the ridiculous not-per-the-Constitution decisions ever made by the court and should be eliminated.

Democrat lawmakers and Presidents have had ample opportunity to make it actual law, rather than activist legislation from the bench. Of course, they won’t, it took them nearly a year to pass Obamacare, which every one of them agreed on.

The only thing that protects us from the darkness is the Constitution and judges like Amy Coney Barrett. If the left ever gets the power to burn our Constitution, then America and its freedoms would cease to exist. Of course, we would not go quietly into the night.

Despite many with their glorified credentials, the left is made up of predominantly stupid people. My best example is Harry Reid’s move to Nuclear Action, which has come around to bite them in the arse, and so many others. Immediate gratification gets them every time. Probably as many as 99% are “useful idiots”. The 1% are the terrifying ones, like George Soros and his happy little band of oligarchs.

Our Constitution embodies the concept of “written law”, law that means the same the next month, year, decade, or century. Not changing day today with the whims of a ruler, judge, a cabal of judges, or “popular opinion” (that is largely manipulated by biased “reporting”/fake news).


If a contract is to stay valid and be of any worth, it’s interpretation HAS to remain constant over time. The definitions MUST remain the same. As “liberals” are SO fond of saying; “words have meaning.” DemocRATs want Rule by Decree, not Rule of Law.

In the “good news” department, Stephen Breyer is 82, and with the death of Darth Vader Ginsburg has been seriously marginalized. I would not be surprised to see him retire relatively soon which would shift the court to a 7 – 2 conservative majority, with John Roberts coming back into the fold.

Franklin D. Roosevelt could not garner ANY support to add two more leftist judges to the Supreme Court, with a Democrat House AND Senate. I sincerely doubt that Joe Biden, after 47 years, still the dumbest politician in DC, could sell Congress on stacking the court if he were elected.

Let’s face it, folks, if we win the House back, keep the Senate, and Pres. Trump gets reelected, we will have successfully marginalized the Dems from the voting booth! They will have become insignificant and conceivably even lose support from the mainstream media. Why back the losers? The news and history being made will come from the RIGHT.


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