Biden Administration Claims Spending Package Is Solution To Inflation

On Sunday, White House national economic director Brian Deese said ‘We want to get more people to work, which will actually reduce price pressures.’

Deese, Biden’s economic adviser says $1.75T spending bill will reduce inflation. How can dumping trillions of dollars into the economy reduce inflation? The economy has to come back by its self not by giving more tax credits in the form of child care and other social goodies.


So we are going to end inflation by printing more money and increasing the Department of Fraud Theft & Waste. Hey based on this logic we can cure alcoholism by providing free liquor. Disarm China and Russia by eliminating our military. Stop crime by releasing all the criminals. I can go on and on because insanity has no limits.

Too funny, do any of these people have degrees? Actually I learned basic economics in high school. More free Monopoly money pumped into the economy for those that don’t want to work will increase inflation. And the child care credits will instantly increase the cost of child care. Net, net, no benefit to those getting the credits, but the daycare people will do well. Just like how college tuition went way up as people started getting lottery funded “scholarships.” You will see.

This is how you destroy a country. You force the collapse of the currency. You destroy the energy sector(the most successful sector of our economy). Cheap energy handled much of America’s success. This is not an accident. They are not stupid. This is deliberate. America has to fall for the one-world government plan to succeed. America won’t have to worry about going green.


It seems those giving economic advice to this administration don’t understand economic principles. Printing money and deciding to raise the cost-of-living benefits nobody but the beneficiaries of democratic spending bills.

Did you notice how there is no mention why millions more are not working? Much of our skilled labor is leaving the workforce because of illegal mandates. This reduces the amount of taxes collected and hurts high tech business that cannot find skilled people to fill the positions. Our work force will be comprised of people with few actual skills, entitled with no work ethic. Just try getting them off their cell phones to focus on their jobs is a tremendous challenge.

I’m just reading in the CFA Basics book an excess of money usually causes that inflation in the economy. Government (the Fed) controls the money supply and they’ve been printing money like crazy to keep interest rates low on our horrendous $30 TRILLION debt. That has also kept the Stock Market artificially high. So, when reality finally sets in – expect a CRASH. The 100th Anniversary of the Big Crash of 1929 is fast approaching. We’ve had practice crashes in 1987, 1997, 2000, 2008, 2015, 2018 and 2020. They’re coming along with less time in between. That sure shows a shaky economy, doesn’t it?

The Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing artificially low interest rates pump billions of dollars into the stock market policies has caused the stock market to become disconnected from the economy. Even in other countries. It was reported last week that Asian markets were shrugging off the latest inflation reports and were rising based solely on the Federal Reserve’s low interest rates. I wouldn’t have any of my money in the market right now because the crash, when if happens (not “if”) will happen fast and many people are going to lose their shirts again.

If you want to get more people to work, first, stop paying them for not working. Second, stop the vaccine mandate that is preventing people from working. Spending another trillion will increase inflation, not slow it down. Our money supply be being diluted just as our votes are being diluted by illegals.

As any real economist will tell you, inflation happens because the government PRINTS more money, so each dollar is worth less (because there are more of them). Since the government does NOT have $1.75T to spend, it will HAVE to print more money.

If Biden’s TOP advisor is saying the opposite, no wonder we’re in economic troubles.

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