Biden Building Coyote Border Business Through "Benefits" offering

In a newly released video, one border coyote tells a reporter that their business is booming thanks to President Joe Biden. He said that there were too many people that want to come to the United States, but that the increase in business is allowing him to earn his “daily bread.”

One coyote explains that business is booming and that it’s paying very well due to the volumes of people that want to come to the United States. The video, made by Univision, shows the men bringing people into the United States and sharing their perspectives.

What’s driving the increase in business? The benefits that Joe Biden and the radical Left are offering to these illegal immigrants. The coyote explains that the people are wanting to come here because they want all the free stuff that Biden has been offering.

You can see the comments made by the two coyotes in the video below.

Of course, the Left has no issue with what is taking place at the border. They continue to see this as an opportunity to fundamentally change the United States forever. They see the benefits as merely the cost to remain in power.

Biden’s plan to “build back better” is doing wonders for the human trafficking and illegal immigration business. All the while, Americans are left wondering which industry he will eliminate next with his latest round of executive orders. Anyone miss the President that put America first yet?

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