Biden Hammered For Calling Yet Another "Lid"...He Won't Make Public Appearances or Take Questions Again Today

Joe Biden has spent a lot of days in September hunkering down in his basement.

It’s anyone’s guess as to why he’s not crawling out of his foxhole. His cronies in the media claim he’s doing “debate prep.” However, that excuse is rather concerning. Why would a man who has been in politics for nearly 50 years need this many days to prep for one debate?

If he has to prep like this for debate, how on earth could he handle the fast and furious life of being Commander in Chief?

Once again, Joe Biden has called a “lid.”

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That means the Biden campaign told reporters yet again that Joe will not be making any appearances or taking any questions.

His flunkies in the press were quick to make excuses for him.

Sam Stein, who works for Daily Beast and MSNBC said this:

“People. Biden is doing debate prep. That’s why he’s calling lids. It’s not that complicated.”

People were quick to respond to Mr. Stein, and also in general about the amount of “lids” Biden continually calls.

“The Biden campaign has called a lid before noon on nine of the 24 days in September. You’d think a guy that has been in government since 1973 wouldn’t need nine full days to prepare for a two hour conversation with Donald Trump.”

“How do you know he’s not taking a nap?”

“So much debate prep”

“Biden’s campaign can take so many lid days because journalists will just tell us why themselves.”

“Sam Stein: “I’ll protect you, Mr. Biden sir!!!””

“Expectations for Biden should be incredibly high for the debates, considering he’s practicing for 20 days, or whatever.”

“This is Biden’s 6th 9AM lid since he got a traveling press pool 3 weeks ago, and he said yesterday he hadn’t even started debate prep. So seems very fair to point out how absurd this is 40 days out.”

“lol. Sam. 47 years in Washington and he’s “prepping” this far out? What’s the excuse for the last several weeks of not campaigning?”

“Kinda think after 4 decades in govt and 4 yrs observing his political opponent it shld not be that laborious?”

“Yeah, people. It’s not easy prepping an Alzheimer’s patient for a debate.”

I imagine his team is mixing and testing a cocktail of medications right now to embalm Joe with before he walks out on stage.


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