Biden in Catastrophic Trouble...Down 15 Points With Black Voters

Joe Biden is in deep political trouble.

He’s got a lot of fires burning at the moment…starting with the fact that he gambled on the “riots” taking down President Trump, and instead, the whole plan backfired and smacked him in the face with a shovel.

He’s now desperately trying to do “damage control” by blaming the rioting of his supporters on Trump.

What an idiotic strategy.

And the next fire COVID – as the panic fades, Biden’s 2nd big “talking point” is biting the dust.

And this comes after he just said that he’d shut the entire country down again and make everyone wear masks everywhere, even outside.

But here’s the worst news of all for Biden…

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A new survey spells very, very bad news for Dementia Joe…the kind of bad news that, if true, will stop his campaign dead in its tracks.

The survey says that Biden has lost 15% of his black support…and without that, he mathematically speaking, can’t possibly win the White House.

From Washington Examiner 

The latest John Zogby Strategies/EMI Research Solutions poll, which was taken after last week’s Republican National Convention that featured several minority speakers, put Trump’s support from black voters at 20%. For Biden, it is at 75%.

For Trump, that is 12 points more than he received in 2016 and 9 points more than campaign officials believe he needs to keep the White House. One senior official recently told Secrets, “If it’s at 11%, then we win.”

The polling analysis suggested that the rioting in cities and Trump’s law and order stance could be driving more black voters into his camp and robbing Biden of votes from the Democratic Party’s most loyal base.

The analysis said, “Biden should be pleased with his support among Democrats, women, and Hispanics but a lead of 75%-20% among blacks can spell real trouble. A Democrat needs 90%+ and a high turnout among blacks. Could it be that Trump’s law and order message is hitting home among blacks who are worried about demonstrations getting out of control?

I was just chatting with mom earlier today (she’s a huge Trump supporter). and I told her, I have never seen such a poorly-run campaign. It’s almost shocking to watch unfold. You’re thinking the whole time, “are they really this stupid????”

I think what’s happened is that the left just got lost in the weeds with the radical fringe and they can’t see the forest through the trees. They’re just so out of touch with average Americans at this point, because their radical base represents nobody in middle America

Any way you slice it, they’re a political party in crisis. But we can’t count them out. If there’s one thing I know about Dems, they’ll do ANYTHING to win.

Stay alert, and vigilante, everyone.


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