Biden Is Having Another Quiet Day . . . Which Is What His Campaign Wants

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks to supporters in Johnstown, Penn., September 30, 2020. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

At 10:06 a.m., the pool reporter on the Biden campaign for the day, Brittany Shephard of Yahoo! news, sent word from Wilmington that “the Biden campaign has called a lid on in person events for the day. Biden’s participating in a virtual fundraiser at 5 p.m., though, so stay tuned for more reports around that time.”

Recall that back on September 17, Biden “assured Senate Democrats he would mount a vigorous effort in the campaign’s final stretch, barnstorming through key swing states and helping crucial Senate races in the process.”

We have observed Biden’s exceptionally light campaign schedule again and again and again and again. (I suppose Biden did have a late night Tuesday and he did have the train ride and events yesterday.) But there is little sign that Biden’s light schedule is hurting him in the polls, or even generating much negative press coverage. The Democratic nominee is more or less taking every third day off, and everybody seems okay with that.

Perhaps against a different rival, Biden’s relative absence from the campaign trail would be a bigger factor. But in just the past 24 hours, Trump has had to clarify his position on the Proud Boys, insisted Mexico is paying for the border wall, joked that he will serve more than four more years — “What are they going to do when in eight, 12, maybe 16 years, I say, “Let’s hang it up. Let’s hang it up,” — declared that Biden “will turn Minnesota into a refugee camp,” required food for needy families from the U.S. Department of Agriculture include a letter from him, and declared that McDonald’s french fries are the secret to not going bald.

If Biden even wanted to break into this news cycle, could he?

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