Biden Says Voters Won't Know His SCOTUS Nominees Until After Election Day

So a presidential candidate doesn’t think that voters need to know his stance on a major issue? How is that even possibly alright? How do any of us, Democrat, Republican or Independent judge what the candidate is going to do during his term in office?

If you don’t understand that, let me try again. We’re voting to elect a President who represents we, the people, and we don’t deserve to know how he feels about major issues? This should be of concern to Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters alike.


Instead, Joe hides his position on things that would be detrimental to his campaign and only speak about things that will get him votes.

It is disingenuous. Some of us may not like how Pres. Trump says things, but at least he speaks up and tells us exactly what he is thinking.

Any candidate running for public office must answer questions in regards to their stance on policies. The fact that Biden will not answer this question, which has dire consequences many Americans don’t understand, should be reason enough to not vote for him.

If you do not want to vote for Trump, that’s your choice. However, this does not mean you must vote for Biden. Please use some common sense and realize he and his running mate are ducking the question because they know people will not vote for that level of a power grab. If he did not pack the court, he would have said so already, and this would not be a point of discussion.

Since we “don’t deserve to know” his decision, that means he does plan to pack the court. Don’t buy his charade, don’t vote for him.

On Saturday, Joe said, “He’s about to make a pick in the middle of an election, the first time it’s ever been done, the first time in history it’s ever been done.”

Joe just lied again. It’s NOT the first time it’s been done, and he is ignoring the Constitution that allows it. The president (Trump) is mandated to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, and the Senate (regardless of who holds the majority) is given the responsibility of advice and consent. Everything is rhetoric from the Democrats who want to change everything, so they stay in power perpetually.


Sen. Mitch McConnell refused to take up the Merrick Garland nomination not because it was an election year but because it would have been a waste of time and a humiliation for Garland to have his nomination defeated by the Republican Senate.

Joe probably can’t release his list of names because he can’t remember that much information. Biden and Harris keep attacking Pres. Trump for not telling the people about the virus because he didn’t want the people to panic but for Joe and Kamala to say, “we don’t deserve to know” is 100,000 worse. A true leader doesn’t panic, and a dictator tells the people nothing.

Another thing to think about. Dems do not seem to realize that after the Republicans have control of the senate, house and presidency in Jan 2021, they could add additional  Supreme Court Justices. Guess they aren’t smart enough to think this matter through to its’ logical conclusion.

I don’t get these Democrats. They think Trump is breaking some law by nominating a supreme court justice. The Constitution says he can nominate a justice anytime during his term. There are no limitations as to when he can do it. Biden is flat out lying and if seniors can’t see that, then for the first time in my life, I am disappointed in them.

Why would any voter with common sense and some intelligence vote for someone that will not tell the voters what their position is on an issue that could change the Constitution and destroy this country? Biden doesn’t qualified to be President of the United States now. Pelosi wants to set it up so she can remove him from office and put Harris in as President. Our country will go into a Depression if Biden wins and forget about vacations because gasoline and taxes will be so high that you won’t be able to pay the electric bill with the Green New Deal. Wind and solar power will not provide the energy needed in this country. Probably won’t have any electric, so that would be one less bill.

A recent poll shows that 56% of voters say they are better off now than they were at the end of the Obama/Biden Administration. There are a lot of the silent majority voters that will vote for Pres. Trump, since most voters will vote their pocketbook.




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