Biden Supporter and Netflix Star Jerry Harris Reportedly Sent these Disturbing Text Messages to Young Boys

Biden supporter and Nextflix “Cheer” star Jerry Harris was just arrested for producing child pornography.

This move comes just after he was named in a multi-million dollar lawsuit that claims he harassed minors at cheer competitions and online.

Here’s more info on that lawsuit:

Harris recently sat down with Joe Biden to discuss issues within the black community.

In the interview, which has been removed from Instagram.

You can watch the video below:

Jerry Harris is 21-years-old and he rose to fame thanks to the documentary “Cheer” on Netflix.

On Thursday, Harris was arrested and charged in a Chicago federal court for producing child pornography. The production of child pornography charges has to do with allegations of inappropriate conduct with one underage boy. Harris stands accused of enticing a 13-year-old boy to send sexually explicit videos and photos of himself. At the time of these requests, Harris was 19-years-old.

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Reports indicate that whiles speaking with FBI agents, Harris supposedly admitted to soliciting sexual photos from “dozens” of other underage boys. A criminal complaint also claims that he admitted to engaging in a sex act with a 15-year-old at a cheerleading competition.

That criminal complaint is related to his arrest and it contains text screenshots of Harris and 14-year-old twin boys from Texas….this is what led to Harris’ arrest.  The twins were also competitive cheerleaders and they’ve accused Harris of sexually harassing them at cheer competitions and online.

That’s when the FBI was contacted by “Varisty,” a global competitive cheer organization, and they quickly started investigating and that’s where we are now.

From Daily Mail

The production of child pornography charge is related to allegations of inappropriate conduct with the twin he tried to solicit oral sex from.

Prosecutors say Harris admitted in an interview with FBI agents this week that he had asked the boy, who was then 13, to send him photographs and videos of his penis and buttocks on Snapchat.

Harris also allegedly admitted to soliciting explicit photos from dozens of other underage boys and engaging in a sex act with a 15-year-old at a cheer comp.

The 28-page criminal complaint related to his arrest, which came just days after the FBI raided his home in Naperville, Illinois, contains a number of screenshots of Harris’ exchanges with both twins.

The boys, Charlie and Sam, are not identified in the criminal complaint but they gave an interview to USA Today this week speaking about the allegations after filing the lawsuit.

The FBI started investigating after the allegations were reported to authorities by Varsity, which is the global authority of competitive cheerleading.

Agents interviewed the two boys in late August. The mother of the twins found text messages and the explicit images and videos on her sons’ phones in February, according to the complaint.

In the criminal complaint, Harris is accused of contacting both boys on social media as early as 2018 and soliciting explicit images from both of them.

One of the boys, identified as Minor 2, told authorities that he always refused to send Harris any explicit images.

The other boy, identified as Minor 1, said he sent more than a dozen sexually explicit photos and videos to Harris, at his request, on Snapchat between December 2018 and March 2020.

Harris, who was 19 at the time, is also accused of sending the boy explicit images of himself and footage of him masturbating.

The boy claims Harris also once asked him for oral sex in bathroom when they both attended a cheer competition in February 2019.

Here are some of the text messages, that according to authorities, Harris sent young boys.

He allegedly requested “nude” photos, booty shots, and appears to solicit sex.

These are very disturbing.

Joe Biden obviously wasn’t aware of the FBI case against Mr. Harris when he conducted the interview, however, he knows now, and yet has not commented on the arrest of Harris, or used this as an opportunity to speak out against child exploitation.


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