Biden Voter Tries So Hard to Cover for Joe's Awful Presser, But Ends Up Making it Way Worse

There are times when a person should just take the “loss” and zip it.


And Biden voters, most of all, should be heeding this very sound advice.

But, they’re not – they keep trying to butter-up Joe and convince all of us that our eyes and ears are wrong, and Joe is really the smartest, and strongest leader this nation has ever had.

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I gotta tell you, I don’t think there’s enough crack cocaine on earth to get the majority of people to believe that hooey.

However, that doesn’t stop Biden voters from trying – and maybe we should thank them for it because it does provide some much-needed comic relief at a time when not a lot of stuff is very “funny.”

It’s a bloody nightmare. 

But with that said, I was perusing the internet this morning – as I do every morning – looking for things that I think you’ll find funny, interesting, or informative, and when I saw this, I knew I had to get it to you.

Let me set it up…


The New York Post published an article on Biden’s recent (disastrous) presser, and the title of the article was: “Biden Seems Confused at Times During Official Press Conference.”

Okay, well that assessment seems fair enough….after all, they could have called Joe a “Blithering Buffoon” and not many people would argue.

But of course, Biden voters – who know deep down they voted for a ding-a-ling – feel the need to come out and defend him – and they do that because they’re actually defending themselves because they know they voted for this mess.

So, this one guy, who goes by the name “Mike Honcho,” logged online and saw that NY Post headline and sprang into action.

Good ol’ Mike was here to save the day and defends Biden’s honor and his IQ.

But it all went terribly wrong for Mike, and worse for Biden.

Here was Mike Honcho’s response to the New York Post: “He didn’t sound that way.  It was refreshing to hear some intelligents.

Yes, Mike, “intelligents” is precisely what Biden has – and thank you, good Sir, for pointing that out so perfectly.

Here’s a screenshot of poor Mike’s tweet:

Mike gave it all he had – we can’t really blame him, he is, after all, a liberal.

But there were a lot of folks online that had a lot to say about Mike’s post, and some of the comments were pretty darn funny.

“I had a discussion about this with a guy. He thought Biden looked presidential. I asked him about all the uh’s and ah’s. He didn’t know, bcz he hadn’t watched it. So he defended him without having seen the decline of Biden.”

“I weep for society”

“Where all my Intelli Gents at?”

“The amount of irony in his spelling of intelligence speaks volumes.”

“I am not of the mindset that anyone who doesn’t think like me is brainwashed, but these people are brainwashed. There is no other explanation to this crap.”

“The man elected reflects his voters almost perfectly”

“They’re not sending their best”

“Biden is their best”

“I’m gonna head to the store and get me some intelligents, anyone need anything?”

“”Some intelligents” I’m gonna take a guess and say that their parents are brother and sister.”

“Is that the plural for intelligent?”

“well there wasn’t any “intelligents” in that statement”

“Sometimes my intelligents scares people.”

“I am sorry , but are you allowed to use Intelligents? Shouldn’t it be Intellipersons?”

And on and on the comments flowed.


Poor Mike…he really got roasted…the good news for him is that he won’t notice or care.

The bad news for America is that people like Mike Honcho vote.


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