Biden's Campaign Schedule Is Mystifying

There is a lot about this Biden campaign that is odd. As of late, Biden’s team has regularly put a “lid” on his day by noon — or even earlier. And, when it does not, the events that Biden attends seem to have been designed to be either easily cancelable or easily replaceable. Were President Trump to cancel a rally, he would be unable to hide it. This is not true of the events on Biden’s schedule, which, the New York Times‘s Mark Leibovich observes, are “quiet, eerie and almost entirely fan-free.”

Indeed, as Leibovich notes, when Biden goes anywhere:

There is scant physical evidence that the former vice president and Democratic nominee is in town. His visits are scarcely publicized beforehand, logistical details are closely held and his event venues serve as much as video studios as places of gathering. Barely anyone is allowed near the candidate.

Those with suspicious minds have started to wonder if there is something wrong with Biden. Perhaps he is unable to work every day? Perhaps his schedule needs to be set up in such a way as it can be amended without notice? There are, of course, other explanations for Biden’s absence. It may be that he is determined to avoid contracting coronavirus, or that he has noticed that he’s winning from his redoubt and so wishes to avoid rocking the boat. Irrespective, the dynamic surely has to be worrying some observers. The dirty little secret of 2016 was that Donald Trump outworked Hillary Clinton. Trump held more rallies, visited more states, and made himself more available to the press. This worked. It could plausibly work again.

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