Biden's "Handlers" Make Unprecedented Move After Disastrous Presser 

We’ve known for weeks now that Biden would be holding his first presser on Thursday.


He’s been practicing, holding “mock pressers,” and had a binder filled with “cheat sheet” notes, and this feeble, senile man still botched the whole entire thing.

Here’s a video that perfectly sums up Biden’s horrific presser…and it’s a doozy:

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At one point, Biden was asked a question about gun control, and he looked so confused and was so lost, he started rambling about infrastructure.

He also said he was in the Senate 120 years ago – and no, he wasn’t “joking folks, I don’t care what anyone says – the man was in the Senate 12 years ago, and he probably read his cheat sheet wrong and said “120 years.”

That’s the sad truth. We have a man occupying the White House who clearly has either Dementia, or full-blown Alzheimer’s, and the media and Dems expect us to ignore it and call it a “childhood stutter” instead.

It’s a communist clown show.


And things got to so incredibly bad yesterday, that Joe’s “handlers” made an unprecedented move.

Right after the disastrous presser ended, his team of nursemaids called an immediate lid on the rest of the day.

Meaning…that’s it, Joe’s done, no press, no questions, no pictures, no nothing…

….and I mean it was IMMEDIATE.

Editor Amber Athey reported on the swift move: “The White House just called a LID. That’s all Biden could handle for the day.”

Here’s the bottom line…Joe Biden can’t do the job he’s been “installed” to do.

He couldn’t even handle about an hour of work…after preparing for weeks and having a file cabinet worth of cheat sheets.

He behaves like a child.


And sadly, he speaks like a person who has lost more than half their brainpower…and yet, we’re being told it’s a “childhood stutter,” and people in the media who hawkeyed how President Trump drank a glass of water, suddenly don’t care that the current so-called “president” sounds like the village idiot on steroids.

And I think the only reason Republicans don’t call this out more, is because they’re either “in on it” with the Dems, or they’re more apprehensive about a Kamala fake “presidency.”

But I don’t know why they’re more worried about Kamala…She won’t be running the show either. The same people controlling Joe will also be controlling Kamala.


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