Biden's Idea Of Rotating SCOTUS Justices To Lower Courts Is A Terrible One!

On Monday, former Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden indicated he might be open to shifting Supreme Court justices to lower courts if elected president but had not made any “judgment” yet on the issue.

That’s because he has no judgment!

Supreme Court Justices are nominated for life to keep their independence from the legislative and executive branches. There is no obscure language in the constitution that you can “rotate” them as needed.


It has been many years since I took a political science course. So don’t take this as gospel. When America’s government was freshly established, there was one Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., and no district appellant judges located in states. So the Supreme CourtJustices were forced to travel around the country to hear cases. Once states were grouped into several districts and appellant court judges were appointed, the Supreme Court justices stopped traveling to hear cases. There was no longer a need to travel. I believe that there were only 6 justices when America was in her infancy.

Rotating justices is a horrible concept. It would make the 3rd branch of government totally political. It would allow progressives to work with their progressive justices to make law when the rotation allowed.

The current nine justices sit in judgment of all Americans. They are supposed to be the best legal scholars of our time. That is why there are so few chosen. I prefer the best of the best rather than a pool of judges who today would never be considered justice potential.

If anyone needs to be rotated, it’s the House and the Senate. Biden has languished doing nothing for nearly five decades.


Biden’s thoughts and similar ideas to reform the court show lack of understanding of what an independent judiciary really means under the US system of checks and balances.

The US is not a parliamentary system. The courts are supposed to check on the power of the other two branches of government if the Democrats or Republicans find that awkward, tough.

He did not learn much when earning that law degree. The appointment is for life. The appointment to a federal judge’s position is for life.

Congress saying that judges can be shifted around if Congress does not like the flow violates that independence. It gives Congress power over the Judiciary.

Pelosi’s idea for the 25th amendment is a similar power grab over the executive. She wants Congress to appoint members to a commission who can take the president’s power away at least temporarily. That would place enormous power in Congress over the President, and I violate the separation of powers.


This is just more proof Democrats are willing to ignore our Constitution and destroy our country for power. They’ll find ‘scholars’ and ‘experts’ who say they can do whatever they want instead of following the Constitution and law.

It’s always the Democrats who want to game the system; first, they tried to end the country in 1860, then they changed the way Senators are selected, now they want to change the Supreme Court and the Electoral College. They hate America, plain and simple.

Keep talking more, Biden. Rip up the constitution, government system, laws, and freedoms and replace it with Democrat imperial rule. God, I wish President Trump had allowed Biden to speak more during the first debate as he did in the second.


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