Bidens Pick for “Chief of Staff” Declared American Elections are “Rigged” Back in 2014

Well isn’t this ironic…

While the media and Biden’s campaign are rushing to declare him a winner, despite rampant claims of fraud, it turns out Biden’s new pick for his cabinet made a comment back in 2014 that hasn’t aged too well.


Biden’s Chief of Staff pick, Ronald Klain, made a response to Vox’s poll in 2014 that 68% of Americans think elections are rigged, that reaffirmed that they are.

Check it out:

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And here’s a damning video of Klain absolutely shredding Biden’s response to H1N1:

Now this comment has surfaced among the media’s absolute panic to undermine any form of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

According to them, any kind of widespread voter fraud is non-existent.

Actually, far-left publication MotherJones, just published a story which claims seeing voter fraud is as common as a UFO sighting.

And there’s also this blip from CNN:

The problem is that, well, there’s actually no proof of any widespread — or even narrow-spread — voter fraud in the just-concluded election.
The New York Times contacted election officials in every state over the past week and found, well, nothing in the way of election fraud.

These people are desperate.

And you know that you’re only desperate if you are actually in fear of losing something.

Like Biden’s precious “presidency.”

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