Biden’s Restaurant Choice in Nantucket is a Perfectly Hilarious Metaphor For His “Titanic Presidency”

Can Joe Biden do anything right? The guy is like a walking disaster. Although, perhaps it’s not all his fault, it’s not like he’s actually running the show. But it’s getting comical, his Handlers can’t even pick a restaurant without causing a hilarious online uproar.


Right now, the most unpopular so-called “president” is in Nantucket, vacationing at a billionaire’s 3o-million-dollar estate, while the stock market crashes and media “fear porn” explodes over the latest COVID variant, that’s supposed to be the scariest thing to hit the US since Nightmare on Elm Street.

It’s the Botswana Variant, and apparently, it was detected in South Africa, in 4 double vaccinated people.

MORE NEWS: While Biden Vacations at $30 Million-Dollar Estate, His Response to Today’s Stock Market Plunge Infuriates Americans 

As usual, Joe is off flittering around having an elitist blast while the country descends into chaos. That’s the same thing that happened when the Afghanistan disaster unfolded.

And also, as usual, Joe’s trip has turned into a comical sideshow, especially after his Handlers picked the “perfect” restaurant for him and Jill to dine at.

So, where did joe gum his dinner?


At “The Sunken Ship,” of course. A perfect metaphor for his sinking “presidency.”


“It’s fitting.”

“Right near the children’s beach. Perfect”

“A perfect metaphor for his presidency”

“Funny that’s what Biden is trying to do to this country…. sink the ship”

“Stolen elections have shitty consequences”

“Life imitates art.”

“Dark Winter.”

“The U.S. economy is on that ship” 

“He thinks it’s chilly this 4th of July”

“All those businesses losing thousands of dollars on the busiest shopping day of the year just so Brandon can do a photo crawl”

“There once was a old man that went to Nantucket ………..”

“LOL this is the greatest metaphor ever, only Joe could pull off this level of unintended comedy” 


It’s true, Joe Biden has always been the punchline of his own joke-of-a-life, so it’s perfectly fitting that he’d shuffle into a joint called “The Sunken Ship” to eat, while the country and his approval ratings sink into the abyss.

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